·About Us·

ETS ARMS is owned and operated by Edwin T. Scott Jr., as sole proprietor. Edwin is a retired Police Officer and security expert. He was raised in a family that owned and operated a firearms business for over twenty years. Edwin owned and operated his first firearms business—Ranger Supply, as a supplemental income source. In 2009 Edwin suffered a disabling injury while working undercover for a private employer and was forced to retire from both security and law enforcement. Unfortunately Ranger Supply had to be shut down as well, while he rehabilitated from his injuries. Two years later, in 2011, he returned to the firearms industry as ETS ARMS and began growing it to meet the needs of local customers.

ETS ARMS is a federally licensed firearms dealer and a preferred firearms transfer dealer for hundreds of on-line dealers, distributors, and manufacturers. We can also special order firearms and related supplies, assemble weapons parts kits, do some trigger work, and install night sights, etc. We are proud to bring a web presence to our customers and hope that our business grows into a full line retail web presence. Currently we are limited to offering a few items we have on hand but we do have partnerships with some major firearms industry businesses, who literally have thousands of items on hand. We are pleased to share our customers with them, so the customer can find the best deals for themselves. We are happy to facilitate your dealer and private party transfers. As we grow, we will add features and services not yet available through the website.