·Frequently Asked Questions·

How much do you charge

All firearms and merchandise ordered or sold by us will be priced competitively with current market trends and MAP requirements. It depends on the product and the service. We typically charge somewhere between 10% over cost and MSRP, providing that we do not violate any MAP rules. Shipping and Handling charges will be the actual cost to us for shipping and handling to document disposition, packaging, and to deliver to a shipping agent for shipping. We also charge just $20 for each firearm on all non-NFA firearms transfers. All prices reflect a 3% cash discount that will be added when you pay with Credit or Debit. There is a list of some itemized pricing for our services here. We can supply you with a quote for special orders and services not listed.

Do you charge sales tax?

We collect Texas State and Local Sales Tax which is 8.25% of total sales price of all items ordered or sold by us if you reside in the State of Texas. All firearms you order from outside the State of Texas or that we ship to another State are exempt from the Texas State and Local Sales Taxes collection.

How do I buy from you?

We do not generally keep items in stock, instead we prefer to offer a service for facilitating the transfers of firearms and related supplies between our industry partners and private individuals. There are two ways you can buy/transfer your firearms and related supplies through us:

(1) ***Preferred*** 
You can buy from any of our industry partners or another source you find yourself, such as a gun auction website or private individual, and have the items sent to us for a dealer transfer to you.

(2) You can contact us about what you are looking for and we will try to find the items for you with one of our distributors or other online resources. We will require payment in full to place the order with our supplier and will contact you when it arrives.
As our business grows we plan to add web-stores on our distributor’s websites so you can buy from us on their site from their vast selection of inventory. On those web-stores, you will pay them and they will pay us our margin.  

Do you sell to a resident of another state [other than Texas]?

Texas law defers to Federal law on the subject of interstate purchases of firearms. We can sell or transfer a rifle or shotgun directly to a resident of another state on a face to face transaction. The law requires that we check the laws of the person's state of residence to make sure that they can legally purchase, receive, or possess the particular firearm or type of firearm that they are buying or transferring through us.  We must do a NICS check on the out of state resident even if they have a valid handgun license from their state because the law does not allow an exemption from NICS unless they have a valid handgun license issued by and they are resident of the state where the FFL transaction takes place. For handguns and all interstate purchases we must ship the firearm to an FFL dealer in the person’s state of residence for transfer to them.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Prior to our shipping your items you may cancel or change your order, subject to any re-stocking or other fees we require. Any orders you place online with another source will be subject to that source's Returns and Refund Policies. All order changes and cancellations will be subject to our Returns and Refund Policy found on our website here.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, personal checks, certified checks or money orders. All orders paid with personal checks will be held at least 5 business days for the check to clear. Please note your order number on your payment. At this time we are unable to directly process credit, debit or echeck/ACH payments directly. We do however have industry partners who are able to accept those forms of payment and for whom we are happy to accept your dealer transfer from. Payments can be sent to:

115 Ash St.
Borger, TX 79007

Do you take dealer transfers?

We actually prefer to do dealer transfers for our local customers. It saves us the expense and overhead of keeping and maintaining an inventory. Dealer transfers are subject to our NICS Check Policy, which you can find on our website here. Simply make your online purchase and select ETS ARMS as your transfer dealer when you check out. If we are not listed on your seller’s website then please contact us at one of the phone numbers or email address on our contact page and let us know that we need to send our FFL to them. You can also find our FFL here and send it to them as well, just contact us and let us know that you have a firearm transfer coming in for you. We charge just $20 for each firearm on all non-NFA firearms transfers.

Do you handle private party transfers?

We do help our local customers make their private party transfers securely. When you bring your private party transfer to us the item will be logged into our bound book and the same procedures are followed as our dealer transfers. Your buyer will be subject to our NICS Check Policy which they can find here. We charge just $20 for each firearm on all non-NFA firearms transfers.

Where can I get a copy your FFL to send to my seller

Our FFL can be found on our website here.

Where can my seller send his FFL for you do my transfer

Please have them sent their FFL to ffl@etsarms.com.

Do you sell ammunition?

We do not have any ammunition in stock and can only order it for you in case lots due to shipping expenses. Honestly, our local big box stores are tough to beat on pricing and availability but we will make every effort to find you the best deal we can. If you do buy ammunition from us then you are subject to our Terms and Conditions on selling ammunition and will be required to provide an Ammunition Buyer’s Legal Statement and a copy of your photo ID on the form found on our website here.

Do you deal in NFA weapons

We currently are not dealing in NFA weapons. We have done so in the past and simply did not have the interest in those products to justify the tax stamp required for us to deal in them. We will however consider expanding back into that market as our business grows. You, our customers, can help us get there with your continued patronage and we will bring those products back in the near future.

Do you plan on adding a webstore to your site?

Like most businesses, we had to start out somewhere and take small steps to grow our business. As we grow, we will add features and services not yet available through the website.