Payment Options

(1) We accept cash, certified checks or money orders. No personal checks.

(2) At this time, we are unable to directly process credit, debit or echeck/ACH payments directly. We do however have industry partners who are able to accept those forms of payment and for whom we are happy to accept your dealer transfer from.

(3) Payments can be sent to:


115 Ash St.

Borger, TX 79007

Pricing Policies

(1) All firearms and merchandise ordered or sold by us will be priced competitively with current market trends and MAP requirements. We do not price match. We are happy to accept dealer transfers for our local customers.

(2) Prices are subject to change without notice and we reserve the right to refuse service to or to sell to anyone for any reason. We are not responsible for any typographical errors in prices or descriptions of items we post or advertise.

(3) We collect Texas State and Local Sales and Use Taxes which are 8.25% of total sales price of all items ordered or sold by us within the State of Texas. If you purchase from us remotely in another State and we ship the order to you, we may be required to charge your State's State and Local Sales and Use Taxes. If you are a Texas Resident and place an order with a vendor from outside the State of Texas, they may be required to charge you Texas State and Local Sales and Use Taxes. They, not we will be the one to collect these taxes on your purchases. If you are not a Texas Resident and you order from outside the State of Texas will or that we ship to another State are exempt from the Texas State and Local Sales Taxes collection.

(4) All prices reflect a 3% cash discount that will be added when you pay with Credit or Debit.

Dealer’s Fees

(1) $20 Dealer and Private Party Transfer fee per firearm transferred.

(2) $5 NICS Check Fee on each 4473 that requires a NICS Check.

(3) $35 NICS Denial Fee per firearm on a DENIED transfer transaction.

(4) 15% of the value of any items for re-stocking on all order cancellations, changes after the order is submitted and returns.

(5) 20% of actual sales price of the item, plus all other fees owed to us for consignment sales of your firearm(s). The buyer of your firearms we sell on consignment still must pay any transfer fee(s).

(6) Shipping and Handling charges will be the actual cost to us for shipping and handling to document disposition, packaging, and to deliver to a shipping agent for shipping.

Storage Fees

(1) $1.34 per day beginning the day that we place item into storage. We claim a security interest in all fees incurred against items held for you. Items not picked up after one year from the date they were put into storage or that the storage fees exceed the value of the item will be claimed by us to satisfy our security interested in those items.

Gunsmith Fees

(1) $30 Basic field strip, clean, and lubricate firearms.

(2) $30 For research and appraisal of up to 10 firearms.

(3) $40 Handling fee per firearm for picking up or shipping out firearms for customers (not including cost of packaging materials and shipping costs from USPS, UPS, or FEDEX).

(4) $45 per hour (minimum of one hour) for extensive work, troubleshooting, and test firing weapons (ammunition and supplies are separate).

(5) $45 For installing or replacing pistol sights (no-milling), installing or replacing firearm’s grips, drop in forearms or rails, pistol braces or butt stocks.

(6) $50 For installing or removing AR15 A2 fixed sight bases or gas blocks.

(7) $50 For installing trigger kit on Glock and Springfield Armory pistols.

(8) $60 For installing or removing free float tube or rail system.

(9) $60 Per half for assembling or customizing your AR15 weapon halves.