ETS ARMS is a federally licensed firearms dealer serving the Texas Panhandle Area. We prefer to handle dealer and private party transfers for our customers and do not generally stock merchandise for sale. We are on file as a transfer dealer with hundreds of on-line dealers, distributors, and manufacturers. We can also special order firearms and related supplies, customize your AR upper or lower, and we do some trigger work and installation of night sights on select handguns. We usually refer more extensive gunsmithing and manufacturing work out to other shops. If you don't see what your looking for on our website, visit one of our industry partners to the left and select us to be your transfer dealer. Our dealer and private party transfers are only $20 per firearm, and tips are optional. We do charge $5 for performing a NICS Background check if the customer is not a Texas Resident and/or does not have a valid Texas License to Carry. You can search for the best gun deals by clicking the buttons for our Industry Partner- Gun.Deals and WikiArms. They are search engines that will comb the Internet for the most current and best pricing for your firearms needs. Similarly, you can search for ammo online by clicking our button for Ammo Seek. It is a search engine that will comb the Internet for the most current and best pricing and availability of ammunition online.